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Michael W Wright 

     Michael began playing the clarinet during grade 5 in public school. He performed in the Trenton High School Band, pit orchestra "The Pajama Game and the Trenton Citizen's Band under Director Ted Snider. As a cadet was a member of the Senior Cadet Military Band at CFB Borden, playing many events in the Southern Ontario area, including the Warriors Day Parade at the Canadian National Exhibition. The next year Mike was on the staff of the Junior Band at CFB Trenton Air Cadet Camp.  
     At 17 Mike decided to play piano and began lessons. Mike's brother was/is a professional guitar player and he decided that the rock and roll life was for him. He was asked to join a local band, also playing flute, alto and tenor Sax. Michael continued working on the piano while venturing into various genres of music. Joining various bands in the 80's and 90's, Mike has played country, country rock 80's hit stuff and girl rock. Michael Pasi Leppikangas and Calvin Post developed "Off-Centre" into an A club circuit Group in the late 80"s performing in upscale venues across Ontario.  Bass duties were covered by Brenden McGuire, David Pedersen Clyde Van Allen (RIP) and Kevin Dishart. If you name a bar in Ontario, chances are Mike has been there. Primarily playing piano and synthesizers Mike has recently developed an interest in organ, with the addition of a clone wheel and Leslie. Virtual pianos are next. The VI Labs Ravenscroft has been installed, and my Kawai VPC1 is here, as well as EWQL Symphonic Orchestra!  
     Michael, along with Ron Nicholas, wrote recorded and produced material which was used on "The Weather Network"  In addition Mike has recorded for Various local Artists. These Include the Calvin Post Band and Wallace Hoard 
     Michael has performed with TheChatten Road Band* Hard Tymes*Amber*The Kidz*Off-Centre*The Cal Post Band* Sure Shot*Fine Line*Cadillac Ranch*Northern Lights*Big Rib* Cruise Control*  
Michael has been with the Kat, the Love of His Life, for 35 years and they have a son and daughter, one a teacher and guitar player, and one currently in a Masters Program at University in Ontario. 
     "I have played with many great musicians over the years who shared countless miles on the road, good times and bad. Thank You All. I have studied under several exceptional musicians in the Belleville area whose patience and knowledge have benefited me greatly and to whom I will be forever indebted. Thank-You "

                                                                                                                                                       Michael Wright